The KAUST Community Wiki

Information shared for and by people living in the KAUST Community

This wiki is a community-driven information resource for everyone living in the community that supports the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology(KAUST). It is a collaboration by people in the community as a mechanism to collect shared wisdom and information about living at KAUST. To access information, click on the subjects or search function listed on the left-side menu throughout the site.

This is a community-updated public wiki, available to anyone in the world. As such, it does not contain anything proprietary to KAUST, has only publicly-available information, and is not sponsored by or officially connected to KAUST.

For the most current community information, upcoming events, and schedules, many of the links will refer you to KAUST Intranet sites. These sites are only accessible from within the KAUST network.

What is a wiki?

Have you noticed some out-of-date information on this site? This website is a wiki which basically means it's a web page with an edit button that can be updated by its users. As with wikipedia and other wikis, this wiki can and should be edited and updated by you, as you find information and learn things that may be of benefit to others.

Anyone may read this space, but you need to ask to become a "member" to edit things. It's easy: click "Join this wiki" on the upper left. At first you will not be able to add or edit things, but we will enable you quickly. For more information on how to get involved, see the How-To Edit Wiki page. If you're interested in helping, just click the "Join this wiki" button!