Community Workshop? What's Happening???

It's up to you who are interested in Making Things to make the Workshop effective.

Terry King is leaving KAUST for the USA (This Summer) and then Italy next year.

An email has been sent to all on the current list, and it is hoped that some of you will

push each of the areas forward. We have a nice room in the ECC1/Island Oasis and

activities can start in any way you decide.

Help/Info: Email

Our first Community Workshop started Tuesday February 1 at the "Island Oasis" (ECC1) Building at the lower end of Thuwal Park in the KAUST Island District. We have been learning about Arduino Microcomputers and how to use them

to make Robots and other intelligent devices...

To see more about what we're doing, see:

Community Workshop News:

GOOD News! The Group is approved by KAUST and we have a good room in ECC1/Island Oasis.

It's up to US to make anything happen. I hope some of you who are interested will band together to start a few things in the main areas. We once thought these were:

a. - Woodworking b. - Metalworking c. - Electricity / Electronics learning, experimentation, repair d. – Personal Computer Building, upgrade and repair e. - Model Making

You just need:
-- ideas for first projects / activities / things to learn about
-- would you lead some?? follow some??

c. - Electricity / Electronics learning, experimentation, repair

We are running an introductory hands-on workshop on Microcomputers.
This is based on the ARDUINO microcomputers:

Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.

For general discussions please show up at our discussion group here:



This is very important for recognition by KAUST. It's a SHORT signup Survey!


Workshop Group Summary:
Workshop Group Charter:
Workshop Group Preliminary Budget:


The Photo Group has a server Server with E-Books etc. Read about it HERE.

Below are the approximate “areas” the Workshop may cover. As KAUST has said, most really interesting things are multi-disciplinary, and we will mix these things together.

So, here are some quick ideas and connections. Think about how you can connect and share your ideas and enthusiasm. Please make your interests known either on the Google Group or by emailing

Electricity / Electronics: MicroComputers/Robotics, Portable devices , Signals, Sounds, Music:

This is a popular area, especially Electronics, Microcomputers, and Robots.

Model Making: Model Boats, Cars, Airplanes, Kites, Houses, railroads...Well, KAUST is a perfect kite-flying place, and someone (you??) should start some kids and adults building and flying kites. First big working kite will get a free micro video camera to go flying over KAUST. RC Models: There are many low-cost items available mailorder from Hong Kong, and there is a “hobby” shop in Jeddah (mostly car racing though). It’s windy here, and model planes probably need to be an early-morning activity. And how about building some hand-launch gliders with some kids?? We hope a couple people will volunteer to lead this kind of activity. Wood Working: Furniture, "Cabinet-Making", Toys, Boat Building We have several experienced woodworkers and we hope some of you will volunteer to get together and review the beginning Tool List that was put together. But a lot can be done with simple tools. And what about boat building, which many people said they were interested in. We have plans in hand now for 2 simple boats that are rowable and sailable, and a larger sea kayak. There IS Plywood in Jeddah! See the boats here:,, and here: We hope a couple people will take charge of Boat Building! MetalWorking: Artistic - Functional - Welding - Machining - building tools andDevicesQuite a few people are interested in Metalworking and welding. We need to find a place other than inside the ECC building! (Outside? Elsewhere?) Can you volunteer to lead this? There is also an interesting subject of customizing Bikes and building unusual bikes. We have the book “Bike, Scooter, and Chopper Projects for the Evil Genius” in our E-Book Library, along with Welding books etc. Mechanics: Devices and mechanisms, engines, bikes and other vehiclesThis is more about design and construction of things, with the other subjects supporting this. It all goes together! If you have some mechanical design background, please think about leading this, or collaborating with other projects.

Personal Computer Building, upgrade and repair:

As far as we know, KAUST does not have a “Computer Users Group”. This is more oriented towards Hardware, but again software and networks all come in. Jeddah has vibrant Computer Parts markets and prices are good. Some information is HERE: Almost everything is available. If you are interested in building/upgrading, please consider leading or joining in this area. Again, there are lots of E-Books on this subject in the online Library. This old IBM guy needs to read “MACS For Dummies” !

OK, that’s it for now. Any comments or suggestions very much appreciated to the Google Group or

OH: HERE are the kind of activities and areas the Workshop may include (We have many of these publications available for members):

external image WorkshopNews2A.jpg


external image RSW-Masthead900x180-3.jpg

The proposed Community Workshop (KAUST Self-Directed Group) can start soon IF we support it ASAP!

The group will now be separate from the ART, and Ceramics initiatives, which we were once encouraged to be a part of. We need to respond quickly to get KAUST recognition!
More details below. If you are interested in participating in some way with this Workshop, please hit REPLY (or email and give a very quick note of what you're interested in.
If you do NOT think you want to be involved, please click here this link and you won't get any more of these newsletters.

Do you Build things? Design things? Make things at Home? Have Tools? Want to learn new hands-on skills, and share ideas, designs, enthusiasm, and your own skills? Many of us have limited workshop space in our housing, and our personal tools may have not come with us. But together we can provide a workspace, tools, materials, and information and encourage collaboration, workshops and sharing of expertise and experiences.

There are several traditional areas of hands-on 'workshop' skills and materials, such as:

Wood Working: Furniture, "Cabinet-Making", Toys, Models, Boat Building

MetalWorking: Artistic - Functional - Welding - Machining - building tools and devices

Mechanics: Devices and mechanisms, Engines, bikes and other vehicles

Model Making: Houses, railroads, Model Boats, Cars, Airplanes...

Electricity / Electronics: Power - Lighting - Portable devices - Signals,Sounds, Music systems

Personal computer Building, Upgrading, Tuning, Software, Learning

Microcomputers/Robotics/Mechatronics: Making computer controlled devices

And we would particularly like to support projects with young people, and Parent-Child projects.

HERE are the kind of activities and areas the Workshop may include (We have many of these publications available for members):