NewsButton.jpgNOTE: Some of these sources can not be considered "UnBiased". Be a "Critical Consumer Of Information" and view multiple sources on controversial subjects !
WORLDWIDE NEWS IN ENGLISH:World Map of Newspapers (Click On A Newspaper) Suggestion: Start with BBC
MIDDLE EAST NEWS IN ENGLISH: News(Center), magazines(right), business news (left).
Arab News -- Fairly Independent (some say Govt-Controlled) Saudi-based News
Saudi Gazette -- English language daily newspaper.
Asharq Al-Awsat -- Riyadh-based daily, English-language web pages
Middle East Online -- English site covering wider Middle East news
Islamic News sites: Newspapers and Magazines specializing in Islamic News



<--(CLICK) Local Jeddah E-Magazine: Shopping, features etc.

The Economist -- Provides Saudi Arabia related articles, political and economic forecast, factsheet, economic data, etc
MEMRI - Saudi Arabia -- Washington-based Middle East Media Research Institute providing translations of Arabic media reports, including blunt translations of non-english websites, sermons etc.
Saudi Press Agency -- The Saudi State Press Agency

Saudi-American ForumPresents news, commentary and background material on the relationship between the United States and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Information Resource -- Official country information and press releases from the Ministry of Information. -- Human Rights Watch reports on Saudi Arabia
SAMIRAD -- Saudi Arabian Market Information Resource

Saudia Online -- Saudi Arabia news and information portal: Links / Searches, Business information