Meetup Groups at KAUST

There are several groups on campus that meet and share around various topic areas. Some of these groups are officially endorsed by KAUST, others are not. Below is the list we know about right now - if you know of a group that is not listed below, please add it (here are instructions).

If you are involved in one of these groups and would like to set up your group's own page here on the KAUST wiki, let know and she will help you get started. After that, you can update and change your own page.

Existing or forming meetup groups:

Groups that are beginning, or looking for interested members:

A Note about Self-Directed Groups

Some of the groups listed above are officially-endorsed KAUST groups, known as Self-Directed Groups (SDGs). Some are not. The purpose of Self Directed Groups is to encourage, promote and sponsor recreational and educational activities, special events and entertainment programs for the benefit of its members and the KAUST community. Visit the SDG page on the F&C website to find out how to start an SDG and read the policies and procedures.