Safety at KAUST:


  • If you are experiencing an emergency on campus, call 911 from a KAUST Landline or dial 012-808-0911 from a mobile phone.
  • If you are experiencing an emergency off campus, dial 05447-01111.
  • Government affairs can be reached at 012-808-0970.
  • Report safety issues online - Keep KAUST a safe place to live and work! Do your part by reporting all incidents, near misses, and hazards to the Health, Safety, and Environment Department.


There are several things we should all be thinking about every day, to avoid unhappy accidents!
  • Kitchen Safety - Several kitchen fires have been reported on campus. This page lists ways to avoid burns and kitchen fires, and outlines what to do in the case of a fire.
  • Visitor Safety (PDF) - Facilities and Community provides "Security & Safety Information for Visitors", a pamphlet on basic security and safety requirements, driving rules, and emergency instructions to all visitors.
  • Motorbike Safety (PDF) - this file outlines the equipment you need to ride your motorbike safely.
  • Traffic & Vehicle Safety - The University has published a policy on Traffic and Vehicle safety. The objective of the policy is to ensure the safety of all community members and visitors and to promote a safe-driving culture throughout the University campus. Read the policy summary (.doc) or the full policy (PDF).
  • Weather Safety - Learn how to prepare for sandstorms and rainstorms.