Bicycles and Bicycle supplies / accessories

(From Aron Ahmadia on KAUST discussion group): The saga continues! I've had private responses from quite a few people who were happy to suggest particular stores, here's the information I've received:

WHEELS on Sary str., carries TREK - Sam Abalos (WHEELS) Tel:026981302 Cell:0508691557 (open 09:30-12:00 and 16:30-00:00 from a phone call)

Carrefour Super Market - continue on Sary pass above the bridge and towards the end hitting King’s road there on your right hand side which has some BikesArabian Mall - Hyper PandaArabian Mall - Sport Shop (1000-2000 SAR bikes, mostly Fuji)
I just got off the phone with Sam at WHEELS (turns out he's the supplier for Banaweer here on campus), and he doesn't have the road bike I was looking for (Trek 7.2FX), but he is getting a shipment of 30 or so Trek 7200s in various sizes on the 20th. The 7200 is the 2009 model of the 7.2FX, and a very good urban bicycle for the sort of pavement riding you would probably do on campus. The price Sam gave me over the phone came out to about 600 USD, I think it was about 2200 SAR.
Since I know the 7200 is a lightweight urban bicycle which is what I was originally looking for, I'm going to probably end up just reserving these through Sam. However, I'd like to visit the Fuji supplier in the Arabian Mall some time soon and evaluate the bicycles there.

Bike Accessories: For those looking to add a few extra modification to the bike,can buy components at GO Sport- Red Sea Mall basement shop, Serafi Mall- Ground Floor Shop.They stock some racing bike french and italian make as well in price range of 4000-5000SAR.

Tip:To add about Wheels on sary street been there myself once looking for a bike and was told the starting range of Trek basic bike in range of 2400SAR by sam.Actually the saudi owner if in store on bargaining i believe offered the same starting line basic adult bike to my friend also from KAUST for 1600SAR.Wow thats some saving,so kindly bargain with the Saudi Owner,Sam quotes higher i am told.