Computer and Electronics Parts and Kits in Jeddah Area



I understand there are two areas in Jeddah for computer parts.
Here is some advice I received after asking on a local forum:
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  • I just moved to the Jeddah area and I am looking for computer parts stores and local computer users groups. If anyone can direct me, please email. Thanks!Terry,

On Khalid bin Waleed street,[NOTE: Runs South from Falasteen Street, about 4 blocks West of the Marriott. Tell a taxi "Computer Mart on Waleed Street".]

there is a store called System Computers (some what opposite to nasa-HTC store, which is located on the right side of the road). A very crowded small store on regular hours because they sell at very attractive prices.

The first time i got there, i noticed the computer stores in that area are all empty! Just this one (System Computer) bustling with activity.
Just like in a crowded fish market – just push you way through to the counter and ask for your item. Else no one can serve you there. Its too crowded. First hand experience mate. lol
Lesson learned, to get the purchase done faster, follow the steps below:
  • 1. call the number: (2) 6524848, listen for the sales extension.
  • 2. Ask for the item (exact product name and model as applicable) is in stock, availability and price
  • 3. Introduce yourself, fix the time you would visit them, confirm you are coming for the purchase, ask the item(s) to be made ready – not waiting due to the crowd.
  • 4. On reaching the store counter – ask for the item(s), check the package (if its what you are looking for, damage etc) and make your pay
  • 5. Vola, its done – if there is problem inform and bring it back immediately! (rare case though, just in case of your luck! external image icon_razz.gif )

This was very helpful and I have bought system boards, processor, large hard drives etc. from "System Computers" at a good price.
It IS a cultural experience!

Hi,I sharing some of the places i visited recently in Jeddah for computers during spring break and are of interest to rest of the community at KAUST too.Rule of thumb for both Barrom centre and Khalid Bin Waleed Street based on my shopping experience there for assembled PC and some resistor components,bargain hard,all computer supplies can be bargained,you can end up saving anywhere between 20 to 300SR depend on the component,as it is tax free country.

I found the computer supplies building called Baroom centre,it is opposite to IMC Hospital across the road hidden behind a few buildings,the moment you stand on the road with IMC behind you you can see the one tall rise multi storey building with letter EMC or some thing like that,next to that is Baroom Centre,can be walked from IMC.The Google Map,will show the exact location it is square building,
computer supplies,Maroom centre,6733 Fayd Ar Rida, Jeddah 23213

Khalid Bin Waleed Street is also good,been there and i bought a very basic assembled CPU 2.8 ghz for about 700SR.There a few stand alone shops in between medical supplies shops,I would prefer Baroom centre as almost you can buy everything under one roof.

For more information drop an email at

Other opinion about prices at Baroom Center:
- By the way, I read about your experience at the System Computers shop. It is close to my house, and their prices are really cheap [I go there very often], forget about the Baroom center because its prices are much higher. YMMV!

Many of us at KAUST are electronics-oriented and need access to basic electronics components for professional and private use.

If you find any new ones, please add here or email

From Ahmed Syedabrar: THANKS!

I found the local market for electronics components parts like resistors,IC's,it is located in south Jeddah,the location can be accessed by taxi from al balad,tell the taxi driver you wanna go to "TV/ELECTRONIC PARTS MARKET,KILO 2,BAB MAKKAH".

There are a few shops in row for electronic components along with TV repair and Food Machinery Shops.Its a downtown area very crowded better to travel there with someone saudi/indian as you can get lost the first time.The biggest stores are:
SAEED AL-AHMARY TRADING EST.,Specialist in electronic spare parts,
Sales Manager-Eng. Ahmad A.Rahman Hossain,tel: 6423552/6428011,Mobile:0503666983,

The other one is Falak Electronics on the same road (See section below from Hazem) .I would be glad to take anyone of you some time to show you the place.I have the pin drop point location on my iphone google maps,i am sharing the locations using google map. (CLICK FOR MAP)



FROM Hazem Al Halabi : THANKS!

Electronics Parts and Kits in Jeddah: (CLICK FOR MAP)

Al Gindwan:

PO BOX 3380
21471, JEDDAH
Tel.: +966 2-6424654
Fax: +966 2-6449473

Al Falak:

Sohafaa St. Jeddah
Tel.: +966 6420800
Fax: +966 6424226

They don't offer everything, but they [hopefully] can provide you with the basic components. Also, their prices are quite expensive because they are the only ones in the region. Al Falak has more components than Gindwan, and it sells all the kits found on this website:

ONLINE SUPPLIERS: Terry King's online Arduino and Electronics parts site. Ships from China, DHL, Express, HongKongPost
(Terry is now back in Vermont, USA with only one Fatwa following him).
KAUST Students: set up an account on and email to set up 10% Educational discount.

Also see which is written by Terry and his wife Mary Alice

Also, I found these addresses online [I never dealt with them though]:
- [you may need to wait like two weeks for these people to get your components, but they have a big online catalog]

- [ You might be mostly interested in Arab Engineers Co. , I've heard about it more than once, but had no time to check it out]

It is possible to order parts from overseas. One of the best-known sources is Digikey http://www/
Other USA sources can be re-shipped through USA mailbox service. See THIS PAGE