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QUESTIONS About the Traffic Regulations:

  1. What ever happened to the SEGWAYS ?? (APRIL: They're BACK!!)

  2. Traffic Regulations state: " Possession of a valid driving license or other means acceptable to KAUST is required."
    1. QUESTION: What other means or documents are acceptable to KAUST? If a responsible 17 year old who has never been licensed wants to ride a motorscooter what would be accepted?
    2. ANSWERED: YES, NO LICENSE IS REQUIRED For Motorcycles, Quad Bikes, Scooters and Electric Toys.
    3. Note: I've heard that this isn't true, but I don't have a confirmation from campus security yet; I would check before you try this.
    1. ANSWERED: All vehicles must stop for people or bikes in the CROSSWALK.
  4. QUESTION: Is Right turn on Red allowed on Campus?
    1. ANSWERED: "A right turn is allowed at traffic lights even if the light is red, unless there is a RED ARROW on the traffic light. If that is the case you are NOT allowed to turn right. Care must always be exercised no matter what type of junction it is."
  5. QUESTION: What does a "Flashing Red" mean?? Many if not most drivers run right through the lights when they are flashing red later at night. In USA
    and most of Europe this means "Same as a Stop Sign". Saudi drivers said "it's like a YIELD sign".. We need ONE answer.
  6. ANSWERED: Riders on "motor scooters, motorcycles, and other similar vehicles" need a helmet. What about Bike Riders? The manual says: "Strongly Recommended"
  7. QUESTION: What are the regulations on small 4-wheel "ATV" motor vehicles? ALL Motor Vehicles may drive on ROADS ONLY. YES, riders need a helmet! Do they need any ID or visible identification?
  8. QUESTION: The announcement says "Following are the highlights of the traffic policy." Where can we read the actual "Traffic Policy"? (CLICK HERE)

QUESTIONS about Housing:

  1. TELEPHONES:Residential Housing is provided with high-tech IP (Network Connected) telephones. These CISCO 7490G phones have many features that would be very helpful, such as speed dialing, phone directories etc. These features need to be enabled at the main 'switchboard" (these days a computer). This has not yet been done.
    1. QUESTION: When will the features of the CISCO phones be enabled??
      1. Temporary Answer from ITHelpDEsk: "We can not give any date for when this will be available".
      2. Possible right answer from another announcement:
        1. *Residential Line*: US$12 service fee per month for users who choose
          to subscribe to the Enhanced Telephone Package. This enhanced package
          includes Voice Mail, Security Pin, Call Forwarding and Speed Dialing, and
          will be available in March 2010. To request service activation, please
          contact the IT helpdesk
  2. AIR CONDITIONING: The air conditioning units in KAUST housing are made by Zamil ( .
    These units have controls with many features such as date/time setback, "Sleep" etc.
    1. QUESTION: How can the features on the Air Conditioning Control be set up and used??
      1. Unfortunately, no one knows how to use them or set them :-) Requests from KAUST housing has not found a manual or anyone who knows how to set "Time/ day of week" etc. And what does "Sleep" do?? ZAMIL website doesn't work. No answer from their email address.. Anyone figured this out???
      PARTIAL ANSWER: Alex has been able to get the manual for some Carrier units. The PDF file is here: external image pdf.png
  3. LIGHT FIXTURES / LIGHT BULBS: We expect to buy and replace light bulbs in table lamps etc. But what about the more complex Halogen and Fluorescent fixtures? Those are hard to take apart and the bulbs are not in the SuperMarket. Can we expect Housing/Maintenance to replace those as needed?
  4. WATER SHUTOFF:How can we shut off the water source if there is a plumbing leak??
      1. Housing Help Desk could not answer this question.

QUESTIONS about Security, Badges, Car Stickers:

  1. QUESTION: If you rent a car in Jeddah, do you need to get a KAUST Sticker? How does this work?


  1. QUESTION: What are the hours of the new Tamimi Market?
    ANSWER: 7 AM to 11 PM
    MORE INFORMATION: CONTACT: Email Mohmood Tariq: and MobilePhone: 05 03406937 (Mohmood said, "I will be more than happy to interact with the clients! ") The suggestion form for customers to suggest products to carry is external image msword.png [[file/view/Customer Items Request Form1.doc|Customer Items Request Form1.doc]].


ANSWERS: See these pages:


  1. I find the information on the KAUST website about finding jobs quite small - surely there must be other jobs around there as well. How is the situation about jobs for partners, and where can we find information about jobs (for partners) within KAUST?