KAUST South Beach Open (Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM)

- See Beach Rules (CLICK HERE)

Facilities include beach furniture, lifeguards, some water sports activities, and car parking. Food & Beverage services will include hot and cold drinks and a range of sandwiches and salads. All persons with a KAUST ID are welcome. For further information, please contact marina@kaust.edu.sa or call 8085156

MAP TO THE BEACH (Buses every 1/2 hour to/from KAUST INN )




Persons who will be allowed admittance to the South Beach and use of such facilities include, but are not limited to, the following:
o KAUST graduates, spouses, and dependents
o KAUST personnel, spouses, and dependents
o KAUST employees, spouses, and dependents
o Authorized visitors of faculty, staff and students
o Authorized KAUST residents e.g., authorized Service Provider employees and their dependents that live within the KAUST community.

Persons allowed to use Marine facilities must possess a valid KAUST identification (ID) card.

SOUTH BEACH RULES (Updated 15 May 2010)

• KAUST Code of Conduct shall apply.
• No vehicles are permitted on the beach, including motorcycles, quad bikes and buggies (other than Service Provider vehicles required for operations).
• Personal motorized vessels may not be used near the beach area.
• Personal wind or paddle powered water sports equipment may be used at the users own risk and provided that approval is received from the beach duty manager.
• KAUST water sports rules are followed at al times.
• The wearing of water shoes / reef boots is highly recommended in the water.
• All water sports and activities will have their own rules which must be adhered to at all times.
• Swimming and snorkeling is permitted only within the marked areas.
• Diving is not permitted at the beach, other than KAUST facilitated diving activities.
• Loud music is not permitted (other than that provided by the facility for organized events).
• Fires are not permitted on the beach. BBQs are not permitted.
• Fishing is not permitted at the beach.
• Dogs are permitted providing they are kept on a lead / leash and it is the owner’s responsibility to clean up after the dog.
• Smoking is permitted only in designated smoking areas and all smoking litter must be disposed of correctly.
• Food & Beverage services are provided at the beach. Food delivery services are not permitted.
• No drinking glasses or glass bottles are permitted.
• Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.
• Consideration to other community members should be given at all times and behavior that may offend other will not be permitted.

KAUST Code of Conduct Dress Code applies:

Swimming Pools/Beaches/Boating Areas:

Bearing in mind the diversity of our community, please wear conservative, non-revealing, swimsuits. This is the only swimwear considered appropriate at community swimming pools, beaches and boating areas. Swimwear alone should not be worn outside the swimming areas. Please be respectful of the values of all.
For further information, please contact marina@kaust.edu.sa or call 8085156

Thank you.