The Jeddah King Abdulaziz Airport is composed of 3 parts:
- Saudi Airlines Terminal = South Terminal
- Foreign Airlines Terminal = North Terminal
- Hajj Terminal

There are also facilities like the royal terminal, a private flights terminal and probably a military base.

The North and South Terminal are not close to each other; wikitravel claims that they're around 8 km apart. Sadly the terminal does not reflect the wealth of the country. is the website of the airport. No info about arrivals/departures as of yet. The contact number is 920 011 233.


The airport (at least the Northern one) doesn't have jet bridges, passengers are transported with busses to the gates. You may see cars with "VIP" plates picking up passengers directly from the plane door. Check the Saudi Airlines' Jumbo jets on the way to the gate.

KAUST has a desk just before the Passport controls; however a personnel may not be available 7/24. Check with your relocation contact to ensure that someone will be there at your arrival.

The passport control officer will take your pic with a mounted simple point-and-shoot camera and will also scan your fingerprints if you are a newcomer. After a second check of the passport (if you're assisted by a KAUST representative that will not happen) you'll enter the baggage carousel area. (This second check is to see if you have the Entrance Stamp. If you can open your passport to the page just stamped it will save you time...) There appears to be only two baggage carousels at this terminal; the baggage carts are available and free to use.

You'll have to put your baggage on a small conveyor for a final x-ray screening. If you bring a lot of Books they may inspect your luggage for any banned titles.

KAUST will provide newcomers' transportation to the campus. If you're on your own; then you'll have to ask for a taxi from Oger or Hanco (before your arrival; otherwise it may take up to 4-5 hours). Taxi at the airport may not be able to get you to Thuwal; only Saudi taxi drivers can exit the city of Jeddah.
Taxi drivers will start offering you a ride once you exit the terminal. The usual rate is 100 SAR for a ride to the city center (which is quite high); you may get a better rate depending on the taxi driver. Locals in Jeddah pay around 50 SAR for the same rate.


The departures are from the same building and same ground level.

After check-in your documents will be checked and then you'll be allowed to enter the passport control queue. Some officers will even check the weight of the cabin luggage and may deny entry. After getting your exit or multi-entry visa checked at the passport controls; you'll be guided to the x-ray screening section.

The gates are not separated with walls or with similar material; a hall with seats serve all the passengers. There are shops and a cafeteria in this area. Your documents will be checked for the final time by an officer at your flight's gate

The Future Expansion of the Airport

Visit for details. They'll rebuild the airport. The launch date is set for 2014.

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