Here are some solutions to shopping for hard-to-get or expensive items in USA and getting them shipped to Saudi. Some of these services can also optionally receive US mail and forward it. Details are on their sites.

All of these services ship via DHL or Fedex, and are expensive: Approximately $32 for first pound, $72 for 5 pounds.. but this is less than shipping by yourself through the same services.. -- You get a street address in New York. You get notified, see pictures of what is received, decide what items to put into one shipment to Saudi. Here's a review -- Similar, but located in Florida, USA. If avoiding 8% New York tax on Amazon purchases is worthwhile, this may be an advantage. And their shipping rates are a little less.. Here's a review

EarthClassMail -- A service that gives you a Post Office Box, scans the outsides of your mail and shows this on the web. You can than choose to have the piece opened and scanned to a PDF, shredded/recycled, or physically forwarded along with other selected items.

With all of these, see the details on their sites for the differences and rates.

Please email me with your experiences with any of these, or other suggestions or experiences to share..