A Community Workshop at KAUST ?

Do you Build things? Design things? Make things at Home? Have Tools? Want to learn new hands-on skills, and share ideas, designs, enthusiasm, and your own skills?
Please join with others at KAUST in starting a self-directed group that may be called "The Community Workshop". Many of us have limited workshop space in our housing, and our personal tools may have not come with us. Together we can advocate for places and ways and tools with which to enjoy our interest in hands-on accomplishments.
We plan to have an evening meeting of people interested in these areas, probably the week after the Winter Enrichment Program ends. In the meantime, please email: terry@terryking.us with your comments and ideas. In particular, please add to the "Long List" (below) of hands-on interests, projects and skills. And please tell us about your own experience and skills, and what you'd like to become involved with.

There are several traditional areas of hands-on 'workshop' skills and materials, such as:

- Woodworking
- Metalworking
- Electricity / Electronics
- Model Making

These areas often have a lot to do with each other. As many of us at KAUST have learned, most really interesting problems and projects are multi-disciplinary. There seems to be no good reason for separating these hands-on areas into different self-directed groups. And sharing space, tools and knowledge seems a win-win situation.

We already have groups forming for "Art and Ceramics" and "Photography" so these will be separate.

The following is a "Long List" of more-specific areas of interest that have been suggested. You probably have more in your experiences and interests, so please email them to terry@terryking.us so that we can collect them.

- Woodworking: Furniture, "Cabinetmaking" and other wood-based projects
- Parent-Child building projects
- Boatbuilding
- Model Making, Miniatures, Model Airplanes and Boats, Model Railroading
- Personal computer building, upgrading, tuning
- Microcomputer-based projects such as weather stations, robots, and much more.
- Metalwork including welding, blacksmithing, sheet metal, ornamental metalworking
- Jewellery Making
- carving in wood and stone
- Home Gardening
- Clothing Design, Textiles, Weaving, Sewing, Patchwork etc.
- Dolls, dollhouses, doll-making
- Modifying cars, motorcycles, bicycles etc.
- Musical Instrument making
- Glass: Stained Glass, Fused-Glass, lampmaking
- Home electrical,plumbing, shelving, picture hanging and All That
- Aquarium design and building, operation
- More...

There is so much overlap in skills and tools and materials that we may benefit a lot from joining rather than separating these interests.

There will be a web page on http://kcomm.info where this group can collect information and communicate. See http://kcomm.wikispaces.com/interestgroups

Please email terry@terryking if you are interested! I'll make sure you get a notice of any meetings or updates.